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The other day, I was sitting with a group of college students at Starbucks, we were discussing startup businesses. They were brainstorming of what sort of business to get started. I joked as he ran by,”don’t you sell any coffee flavored ice cream?” “Perhaps he is just using the restroom?” We all laughed again, and saw him get pick-up his pre-made coffee he must have arranged with his smart phone Starbuck’s program.

As he was leaving he told us while we sat at the outdoor table that he did sell coffee flavored ice cream. I asked if I could buy a round of ice cream for the group. He cried and said;”Now, I’m delivering Amazon Packages, as a shipping contractor, my brother is using his vans, so I am helping out, we are really busy – Prime Day Delivery!” What a cool small business owner. All of us laughed again, he was so busy that he simply needed more caffeine to complete his hectic day.

Our group then went back to brainstorming on what a smart business may be for a startup. I laughed and said:”Hey, you have to be observant, we only watched a guy in a friggin’ ice cream truck delivering online packages because they did not have enough vans or people to assist, that means there is demand in the market not being met.”

  • How could you deliver better?
  • How could you streamline the shipping business model?
  • How could you revolutionize the package delivery company?
  • How could you find other underutilized vehicles and people to deliver?

And, I then reminded them that Amazon now has a market value of $1 Trillion. I asked them about other observations that they just needed?

  • Why can’t that ice cream guy deliver Starbucks?
  • Why not begin a drone business to deliver Starbucks and Amazon?
  • Why not work out how to solve those delivery challenges with software, programs, melbourne fl bat removal, drones, mix?

I reiterated;”Let’s face it, you understand there is unfulfilled demand in the marketplace for new delivery firms and better options when you see an Ice Cream truck delivering online packages as an Amazon Contractor.”

I explained that you have to observe everything and believe. I explained that we can not be too busy here brainstorming we stop observing, the clues are everywhere, right in front of our noses. If you’re at a loss for ideas, look around, read the newspaper, listen to people complain, think about things that would make problems go away for individuals – then try to come up with solutions for these challenges – solutions which you can turn a profit in providing.

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